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This is where I'll share everyday nonsense and later I'll upload nifty MEL scripts for you to make your lives easier.

// Andy McKee

Life at Home Posted on 2008-05-23 01:18:38

How sick is this!!?

// Relaxing at the cabin

Life at Home Posted on 2007-05-29 23:02:57

This weekend Marie and I figured that if we were ever going to get out of the Guitar Hero addiction we had to travel far, far away smiley 40 minutes later we were located at a place called “Solbergstrand” where her family has a cute little cabin. A few hours after arrival and a couple of crazy serves at the tennis court the meal finally established a base. I like!
Blog ImageThe day after we decided to go for a walk after sleeping an hour in the sun. Sun + Sleep = no good. A bit dizzy for a couple of minutes though, but we managed to put on some sexy shoeware, runningshoes, and left on our little journey. Little did we know that in the end we would come across the finest car I’v seen in a long time…
Blog Image
Cool old cabin on the way!
Blog Image
Don’t mind me. Just checking out some camerasettings smiley
Blog ImageFighting this one sounded like fun… But I don’t want to.
Blog ImageThen suddenly we were in the middle of Half Life 2. I wonder what A1-2 means. Must be a conspiracy of some kindsmiley
Blog ImageHow cool is that? A gas tation in the middle of nowhere!
Blog ImageHvitsten! This is where my grandfather grew up!
And finally…. The car above cars! Fiat 500:
Blog ImageBlog ImageBlog ImageNice weekend…

// And life goes on

Life at Home Posted on 2007-05-11 23:56:41

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Haven’t been able to write much here lately. This week was the first in ages that I only had one job. It was actually quite nice. I was able to fiddle with projects I have laying around and I’m also writing a proposal for a maya-book. It’s darn time consuming to write a book. For this proposal I am writing one test chapter so they can get a certain feeling of how the book will look. I have to rewrite parts of it and I also have to fill out a couple of forms with info and convincing facts so they will invest in this book 🙂

Marie’s grandfather and aunt decided they should combine their birthdays so we went ther bbq’ing. The sun was shining and the pool was ready for us.
Blog Image
Blog Image

A lot have happened this week and everyhing is captured on a tiny SD memory stick of course. Geoffroy, Björn and I were out for lunch yesterday. That was very nice. It’s actually underestimated you know, to go out and eat lunch. Lunch at Storm is very good, but a nice burger at Baccus isn’t that bad either 😉 Björn went home for the weekend to declare his taxes and all that hazzle that follows starting a company… or being an employee. One halv goes to you, the other half goes to the government…

Our family also celebrated my brother’s son’s entrance to this world and her cute sister helped him open the presents. He’s only a couple of months old you know 🙂 Pictures of this will come this weekend too.

Blog Image

May Elizabeth helping out smiley

Blog Image

My brother checking out the enemy Canon 350D.

My dad also turned 57 this week and we celebrated that too of course. May E had to try the ultimate glasses and I can’t decide who’s cooler. Me or her smiley

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Blog ImageMay Elizabeth and Benjamin


// Spring is coming and the pigs are having a good time

Life at Home Posted on 2007-04-28 13:37:25

Blog Image
Blog ImageI’m not the only one bringing the scooter out for a ride. Spring is coming and you can feel it everywhere. Especially me since I’m allergic to pollen. My nose is airtight, my eyes are glued together and I sneeze all the time. Besides that I love the spring. Oh, and one more thing of course. Those killer A-10 bomber bumblebees are also a bit scary I have to admit… Espesially when they hit you in the forehead riding the scooter. Thud!

Since I got my D50 back I had to take a 2 hour break from work. I was working at home on another project. I’m working at Storm Mon-Thu and then I have one day at home, Friday, to work on other projects. Actually I’m supposed to do research for a Maya Mel book I’m writing a proposal for, but when there are so many projects in the air, there is not enough time to do that.

Anyways. I was walking around Ekeberg for some time shooting pictures and eating icecream. Lovely day! People were minding thir own business… Literaly:

Blog Image

The wildlife was blooming. There are a lot of animals at Ekeberg Horseback riding club. So why not bring the camera and the new lens 🙂 Here is a collection of images I took that day :Blog ImageThe Royal Goat. This goat was lying on the highest spot watching all the other goats on the ground smiley
Blog Image
And of course, Mr. Pig was there with him!
Blog Image
Now here’s a nice looking bird. (peacock) I waited ten minutes for him to expand those tailfeathers in a lovely arch, but I decided to let it be.
Blog ImageHere’s another tough ass boid. I think he was thinking “What the f**k are you lookin’ at!?”
Blog ImageWhile the stupid seagulls were thinking “…. errrr…. food?”
Blog ImageThe source… Icecream source!
Blog ImageThese bored guys weren’t in the mood for crazy flippin’ and trixin’…

I threw my human body on my scooter and drove home. This was a great day. I’ll repeat it for sure!


// Happy Birthday to me!

Life at Home Posted on 2007-04-22 15:59:54

Yesterday we celebrated my birthday. I turned 25 a month ago and figured it would be nice with a little celebration. And it was. smiley

To start the day with a shock Kristin was actually the first one to show up! Kristin is usually the last one so seeing her in the dooropening as the first guest was absurd…

Marie and I made tapas all day long and it turned out pretty well.
There were a mix of people around this day, old friends from Ekeberg, people from work and acouple of fellows from school. Björn was running around with “Perfect Blends” all night, Geoff was stripping and Samuel was wondering where he would throw his lure to fish some candy (like we did when we were kidssmiley)

Chris tried to beat me in tennis and was quite good for a drunken sailor who had never tried the Wii. Thumbs up. Jørgen fell asleep as usual and so did Kari seconds later. Erlend and I was youtubing crazy stuff on the wii till 5 o’ clock and eventually Marie and I dived into bed trying to get ready for Sunday. Cleaning and working is on the menu, but tonight a reward shaped like a pizza and a DVD will give this day a nice ending too I guess.

//Now I know how my characters feel

Life at Home Posted on 2007-04-17 23:47:02

Blog Image(img property of

Today I experienced something we refer to as “joint breaking” in animation. As you can hear it’s about breaking joints. In animation one rotate, say the knee or elbow, too far. You can rotate your elbow till it hits 90 degreees (some people, usually girls, can go to about 100) However… I was playing squash with one of my best friends, Andreas, and as usuall I beat him sensless (6-1), but I managed to do a sudden stop with my leg a bit too far in front of mye The result was real life joint breaking. My thigh continued past it’s natural limit of 90 degrees above the knee and I collapsed. I guess I got lucky though because I was able to continue the game, but now at night it’s pretty painful.

Probably I’m just a bit crybaby now because I doubt I got seriously damaged, but I wouldn’t reccomend joint breaking on a daily basis smiley

//My dear Nikon

Life at Home Posted on 2007-04-17 01:36:06

I still miss my D50. My new lens is just laying there while it should be out shooting tons of photos like Björn and Geoffroy is doing 🙁

As you can see the blog suffers from this too! I’ve been taking some photos with my phone just to have some documentation for the replaced sink and stuff, but it’s too much of a hazzle to get the images over to the PC. Nokia Suite doesn’t detect the phone in usb mode( Big surprise there… ) and the cards are so small nowadays… Especially when you lose the converter like I did. So there I am, sitting here writing while I should throw some photos in. I guess you have to be patient, because when the D50 gets back… Oh la la.

I am going squashing with a good friend of mine tomorrow ( or technically, today )
, but I lack one shoe… Who in the world manages to lose ONE SHOE!!?? Except me of course… So now I’m forced to buy a new pair of shoes so I can continue beating this guy 10-1. If I lose tomorrow I’ll blame the shoes!smiley


Life at Home Posted on 2007-04-12 23:27:05

Went to IKEA today to buy some stuff for the appartment. I didn’t die this time. Ususally I end up killing myself after 5 hours wandering around swimming past other people, but today was quite ok 🙂

Hopefully the plumber will be here tomorrow, since he decided not to show up yesterday, to replace our old sink. I’ll be working at home while he does his thing. I have to get back to modeling some nifty robots and watch some poker now. So long!

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