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This is where I'll share everyday nonsense and later I'll upload nifty MEL scripts for you to make your lives easier.

// Oh the horror

Life at Work Posted on 2008-01-07 04:48:29

Blog ImageI’ve been working on one of Norway’s most gory horror films as a CG artist doing mainly one shot and helping out on a couple of other shots. (modeling, texturing, matchmoving and animation.) Go see it 11th of January 2008… If you dare…

// Pull my tongue

Life at Work Posted on 2007-09-18 16:03:53

Blog ImageBlog Image

What the **** am I doing… and why? You´ll see in a couple of months 🙂

// Hey July

Life at Work Posted on 2007-07-08 23:27:57

Now, that’s a tough start of July smileyBlog Image

Time to go home and find my bed after a couple of tunes in Guitar Hero 2smiley

// Elias wins golden frame

Life at Work Posted on 2007-05-29 22:10:29

The team behind “Elias, the little resque boat” won the special award “the golden frame” for pulling off the series! Of course we had to celebrate with some champagne and a couple of beers later that nightsmiley summer is coming, hence the shirt smiley

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// My fingers are animating again

Life at Work Posted on 2007-05-13 20:05:19

I can’t believe it! It’s been so long. I haven’t been doing character animation since Elias and I really think that’s a bit sad… It’s so much fun! I mean, it’s hard and time-consuming, but darn fun. I also found an amazing rig at highend3d created by Jason Baskin. The character is called Bloke 1.1 and he has some pretty nifty tools. I do miss better facial controls though, but I haven’t started with the face yet. Maybe I can get familiar with it when I start posing the face. I’d also like to thank Keith Lango for some amazing tutoring. Right now for this walk I will be using his approach of doing things and ignore all the “rules” I have store inside my head for walks. I will also pay much attention to arcs! Here is a gif illustrating the very basic posing of the walk. It’s one step so far, but I’ve just started it so….

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EDIT: I have continued blocking this character. I still have a lot more work to do, but I decided to post it anyway 🙂

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// People from work

Life at Work Posted on 2007-04-22 16:05:55

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Björn “working”…

Blog ImageOtto and Morten. This happens all the time…

Blog ImageSssch… Hans Jørgen is focusing.

Blog ImageI know ragnar. Working with computers can be tough sometimes… Patrik isn’t affected yet.

//Nikon Lunch

Life at Work Posted on 2007-04-19 00:33:18

Blog ImagePicture from an earlier trip with Storm that has nothing to do with this post smiley

It was a great sunny day today so Björn and I decided to go out for lunch. Björn is this great swedish shake comper that was placed about one meter to the left of me in the studio. I’m glad that happened.smiley

It was a great meal and the sun was pretty great when it was out. Unfortunately it was working in intervals today so we went “freeze”–> “ahhh”–> “freeze”–>”ahh” smiley

Björn brought his Nikon D80 and I was desperately trying to find something to shoot. Subjects to shoot didn’t quite pop up so I was abit disappointed, but you have to take about 100 shots to get a good one so I guess it wasn’t one of those days.
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I dropped by Japan Photo today to ask them how my camera was doing. The guy I talked to managed to expand the expected date of arrival to within six weeks…. Last time I checked they said three weeks. I fiddled with the D200 to comfort myself and it seemed like a pretty darn power camera. Built like solid rocks ( probably better ) and felt really good. I am still trying to convince myself, and Marie mostly, why we need this D200 camerahouse though. It’s probably a better investment to go for good lenses. I looked at a nikkor 50mm f1,4 today which looked quite top notch. Maybe I’ll buy it for my D50 when it gets back. Then there will be photos up here.
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Knee still hurts a bit…

//MEL, beer and lovely people

Life at Work Posted on 2007-04-15 00:56:22

Just remembered that I forgot to write down how wonderful life is at Storm. This thirsday I actually got paid to script. How great is that!! I created a system for Storm to hold MEL scripts that was organized a bit like this:
– A menu builder. The menu will build itself based on users. An array holds all the user names and a menu will be built with all those names.
– The users also have separate mel files that hold their submenus. They can add scripts to their folders, write down the name of the scripts and voila, the scripts are added in their menu and sourced.
– We plan to build a system that can read all the scripts in these folders and source them automaticly. I still have to think about how the menus will be built when that system comes up. Look forward to completing it 🙂 I also love working with Hans Jørgen. A great guy and a great programmer.

Some friends of us invited us to have a couple of beers and go out friday night. It was very nice. The sun is warm at night now and I feel better. Spring certainly does something with your mood. I love it. Later that night I we met Anette and her friend, Bjørn, Geoff and Samuel.

Geoff and I: (Geoff is a great French guy who is comping on “The Radiopirates”/ Norwegian feature film)
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This night I also learned a neat trick. You let the people behind you cut through the line and then
somehow, I have no idea why, they ask you what you want in the bar… This happened two times yesterday and I didn’t have to pay for anything. I still think it’s a bit strange…

Today we were over at my parents house BBQ’ing. It was great. Once again, that spring is something.
A couple of rounds playing Rayman and watching “Analyze that” completed this day and tomorrow I have to do some work and get a couple of IKEA bookshelves up. I’ll add some photos tomorrow.

Au revoir.

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