After a cosy 30 something hours flight we arrived in Melbourne, a supernice city! Confused and a bit tired (even though it didn’t feel like such a long flight) we stumbled across town to find our tram to Coffe Palace hostel. We got the right line, but went in the wrong direction… Crazy Aussie left side of the road drivers. I still look the wrong way when crossing roads 🙂

We’ve seen a lot, sharks (in the aquarim though), koalas (not sleeping. Did you know that they sleep 90% of their life? Sounds lovely, but you miss out…), The Great Ocean Road and the city of Melbourne. Melbourne is fantastic… The city throws great arcitecture at you, botanical gardens, the Yarra river, shops for both souvenirs, surfer gear and all the other normal stuff. I have not been able to find a single photo store though. I would like to check out prices for the Nikon D300, but so far no luck… Been shooting A LOT with the D50, but so far we haven’t transferred these to a computer so I wont be able to upload any photos here just yet. Maybe in Sidney.

The temperature ranges from 35-42 degrees and to be honest I like it. Usually I melt away at 22, but I guess everyone is able to adapt somehow.

We’ve been wandering around downtown Melbourne and hanging around at St. Kilda beach/dock area. Everything is beautiful of course and the people here are extraordinary helpful and polite. Poor Aussies going to rude, unfriendly Norway. Everyone is a mate, they say “See ya later” even though they probably never will and people say sorry if they are in the way (or almost in the way). Back home you’d get an angry elbow…They wonder what you did on Newyears and they always wish you a good trip further up the coast. Maybe it’s just a defult thing, but it’s very nice. They are also relaxed and say No Worries all the time. Makes the trip nice and you always feel welcome.

A dive with the Great White Shark does cost around $1000- $1500 AUD (7500NOK) so I guess we’ll have to do that some other time… BUT, I’ll probably be able to dive with some other sharks later. I might piss my suit, but I love the animal so I guess we have to compromise on that one.

Don’t worry about the typos… I’m rushing, see more nice stuff and get tanned, less writing 🙂