This weekend Marie and I figured that if we were ever going to get out of the Guitar Hero addiction we had to travel far, far away smiley 40 minutes later we were located at a place called “Solbergstrand” where her family has a cute little cabin. A few hours after arrival and a couple of crazy serves at the tennis court the meal finally established a base. I like!
Blog ImageThe day after we decided to go for a walk after sleeping an hour in the sun. Sun + Sleep = no good. A bit dizzy for a couple of minutes though, but we managed to put on some sexy shoeware, runningshoes, and left on our little journey. Little did we know that in the end we would come across the finest car I’v seen in a long time…
Blog Image
Cool old cabin on the way!
Blog Image
Don’t mind me. Just checking out some camerasettings smiley
Blog ImageFighting this one sounded like fun… But I don’t want to.
Blog ImageThen suddenly we were in the middle of Half Life 2. I wonder what A1-2 means. Must be a conspiracy of some kindsmiley
Blog ImageHow cool is that? A gas tation in the middle of nowhere!
Blog ImageHvitsten! This is where my grandfather grew up!
And finally…. The car above cars! Fiat 500:
Blog ImageBlog ImageBlog ImageNice weekend…